Remote Patient Monitoring and the Mobile Revolution

Healthcare is in the throes of a mobile revolution, transforming patient monitoring from the clinic to the home.

With recent technological advances, particularly in mobile computing, people access and receive information in a high tech and expedient way. Today, most providers and patients use Smartphones on a regular basis. Mobile technology is extremely popular due to immediate access to information, convenience, relatively low cost and portability.

Medtech companies are introducing a myriad of new devices and apps for Smartphones to monitor patient well-being. With the proliferation of remote patient monitoring devices, care givers will be able to constantly monitor patients. This will greatly reduce hospital, ER and clinic visits. The health improvement and cost-savings ramifications are enormous.

But, a major patient group using these devices are seniors, and to them remote patient monitoring can sometimes be a bit intimidating. To mitigate problems with apps and devices, there must be an experienced and dedicated helpline service readily available to provide assistance to patients having problems. Patients must be able to call the helpline and get answers to their questions in a timely fashion. Waiting on the phone for 10+ minutes will not be satisfactory. Fairly immediate responses will keep patients motivated to continue using their devices. Either being intimidated by the technology or getting frustrated with the phone service will result in non-compliance and more trips to the clinic.

So, it is imperative to use a customer service group with experience, technical knowledge, patience, dedication and warmth. There are great customer service companies out there experienced in dealing with senior patients. Treating seniors with the respect they deserve and solving their problems on the first pass will enhance the mobile patient monitoring experience.

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