Montage: Experts in Specialty Fulfillment

Speciality fulfillment can be a challenge for any organization. For large businesses in particular, it can be difficult to scale in-house fulfillment operations to handle smaller, custom orders. Montage Marketing Services can deliver the fast turn-around, customized services you’re looking for.

For starters, Montage has the tools. We have a large warehouse with an international outreach. From our upper Midwest facility, we ship across the nation and across the world.

Our warehouse is also paired with skilled call center staff that supports our fulfillment operation. Working together, our fulfillment team manages product recalls and returns, small product assembly, trade show samples, promotional mailers, and more.

We specialize in custom kitting – packaging individual products as one unit. Our team can also support customer inquiries and prospect follow-up with immediate fulfillment.

Montage fulfillment is cost efficient, with unit pricing based on volume and usage – saving you internal overhead costs.

If you’re a smaller company trying to build your fulfillment capacity, we can scale to your needs as well. We’ve supported the medical, auto, and retail sectors – just to name a few. We’re interested in helping to grow your corner of the business world as well.

See our warehouse and fulfillment services in action below:

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