Montage Support Powers Lives In Transition

For decades, Montage Marketing Services has helped business clients grow and deepen connections with customers. More recently, this expertise is being used by the Montage Social Enterprise Team to assist agencies and nonprofit organizations that serve lives in transition after incarceration and rehab.

Included in this effort is a customizable software solution for optimizing mentoring programs that offer guidance to people in reentry. This online tool is useful in recruiting mentors, as well as training, reporting, and improving communications between mentors and administrators. It provides the convenient option of holding online group meetings so mentors can participate when their personal schedules allow, and they can focus on the specific information that applies to them. No scheduling delays. No wasted time. No interruptions.

Contact us to learn more about how mentor programs can help people in reentry succeed in building a new life. You can also read about one example as covered in the Saint Paul Pioneer Press.

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