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Montage started as a one-person marketing shop in 1972.  Founder Ken Ehling focused the company on advertising and sales meeting coordination.  By paying close attention to the needs of his clients, Ken added other business support services - a move that soon led to rapid growth in the size of Montage.  


By 1983, Montage had started a call center focused on serving the outsourced needs of a Fortune 100 company.  Other specialities soon followed, including warranty programs for national furniture and automotive retailers.


In 1999, Montage expanded from Minnesota to South Dakota, adding a fulfillment center that has distributed thousands of different products over the last two decades.  We've handled everything from sending stain removal kits, to distributing respiratory and rescue equipment during natural disasters and other emergency situations.  Today, we manage business applications for Fortune 100 and 500 companies, as well as for small and medium sized businesses.



An important part of the Montage value commitment lies in serving the needs of the community through charitable giving, nonprofit leadership, and by supporting unique social enterprise programming in the area of reentry and recovery.

We are indebted to the people of our community who make our operation and livelihoods possible.



Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operations Officer

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Kirk Michaelson

Sales and Marketing

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