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In addition to our two call center facilities, Montage has a large warehouse and fulfillment operation located in South Dakota.  Our facility is perfect for custom fulfillment projects, including custom kitting and re-packaging projects that often are too specialized for bulk fulfillment operations.  We handle:


   •     Custom Assembly

   •     Pick and Pack Services

   •     Product Sampling

   •     Product Recall Services

   •     Spare Parts Fulfillment

   •     Sales Lead Management



In product recall work, we provide support for Class I, II, and III recalls.


Recalls and product advisories involve both fulfillment work, as well as consumer contact services.  Our warehouse and contact center integrate seamlessly to manage all aspects of the recall process - from mass mailing, to customer contact, to product intake and disposition.

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Our warehouse operation handles product and inventory management for a variety of client programs - from medical device components, to carpet cleaning kits, to automotive detailing supplies.  We track and fulfill orders, and ship both nationally and globally.   In addition, our fulfillment center staff is also hazmat certified.

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